A wonderful month to have been born into! Just a few weeks ago the yard was a mess, leftover wet burnt sienna oak leaves under the bushes, broken tree limbs all over the yard from winter winds and the weight of snow, headless dried sunflower stalks and brown grass filling the whole scene with an energy of resignation. How beige and neutral..and like our ancient ancestors who lived close to the earth and the natural rhythms of nature, our Spirits were almost ready to give up hope that things would come alive again.

We almost doubted that the color-scape would change, that there would be sunshine, warmth and gentle moisture, that there would be a stirring of the Life Energy once again surprising us with  flowers, scents , and an astounding palette of Spring renewal colors in hues of pinks, lilac, yellows and all shades of green! But it has happened! The Greening Spirit, “Veriditas” has returned in full and stunning force, making us almost  delirious with sensual delight!  And all in these first opening days of May…the month of Taurus, the bull. No wonder Ferdinand the Bull only wanted to sit and smell the flowers, savouring the Return of Life!