Setting up a website or blog to introduce oneself and one’s offerings requires thought and discernment in order to make a presentation that accurately reflects an intention and focus. In my case, this has required patience and deeper pondering as over the course of my life and life’s work, many topics, workshops, lectures, presentations, retreats and writings have been birthed and manifested from a well of creativity that speaks to an older, slower, more Soul-filled magical and spiritual way of experiencing the world and our time here. The gifts of this site therefore will be full of surprises and variety, and all anointed with the concept of “Veriditas”, or “the Greening Power”, a shimmering energetic phrase coined by the outstandngly gifted and creative 12th century mystic, Hildegarde of Bingen.

It is my deepest core belief that we are here to find our finest Voice and to live with the highest Vision for a life of Beauty, Celebration, Imagination, Creativity, Relationshipping and Healing. It is a CHOICE to participate in this way, and the call, response and ease with which we each can meet this “sacred assignment” will vary from soul-to-soul, person to person, and the experiences of personal story, and familial, societal and cultural/ethnic programming, inspirational or indoctrinational teachings and challenges. VERIDITAS is filled with Eros, or Love of Life, and the many ways to experience this greening power will draw from the sacred practices and Mysteries of ancient or indigenous cultures which honoured the reality and intertwining of both the Visible and Invisible Worlds, or the dance between the Manifested and Un-Manifested Worlds.

Therefore there will be ponderings and presentations, workshop/retreat/lectures programs and their upcoming dates listed for a variety of both sacred and mundane “Mysteries and Practices to experience a life full of Re-enchantment, Magic, Celebration, Continuing Education, Depth and Creativity. Upcoming topics will include Dreams and Inner Healing, Folkloric Herbalism, Sensuous Cooking, Evolutionary Astrology, Intuitive Wisdom Practices, Ritual, Contemplative Spirituality, Celtic Spirituality, the Sacred Feminine,The Tarot, Music, the Arts and many other surprises of interest and delight. Each of the workshops have been given previously and have been more than well-received, and will be re-offered at a location chosen by the Greening Spirit as well as being held at other locations upon request and invitation. These are moveable programs and lectures to bring the Greening Power to your own group or organization. At this time, this unfolding is even surprising ME!
Please peruse this website/blog at your leisure for more information as well as pleasure and inspiration. While still under construction it is being updated daily. From a Heart Filled with Veriditas- Christine Phoenix-Green