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Insight and Evolutionary Astrology: A new look at an ancient tool for a well-lived life (author: Christine Phoenix-Green, originally published on – click under “Resources” )

We know that God (or our Fairy Godmother for that matter! ) does not pin a definitive note to our pillow with specific instructions on how to go about our lives, either to problem-solve or to chart a direct course to fulfill our personal destiny. Because of this, it usually takes half a lifetime of focusing, targeting, side-stepping, fogging up and getting lost, finding our way back, loving/wrestling with family, friends and foes alike, celebrating, programming and de-programming, following our bliss, cleaning up after messes to finally get here, where we are now…MIDLIFE! … the second chance with, hopefully, some hard-won experience and wisdom to finally decide how to live a uniquely authentic and satisfying life with less drama.

If only, as in some ancient cultures, attention had been paid to our particular moment of entry in time and place at our birth and we had had the opportunity to understand, value and be guided by our astrological birth chart, we may have been able to live out our passionate and authentic destinies a little sooner and less painfully. Insight and Evolutionary Astrology, unlike the daily horoscopes that are part of pop culture to amuse or unsettle you momentarily, is a powerful tool that describes in a most poetic and individual way YOU…your talents and gifts to live fully, and to give your best to the community around you. It is, in short, your Personal Lesson Plan for the most authentic and fulfilling life you were meant to experience.

It is unabashedly metaphysical, presuming that you may have lived a previous life that has prepared you to live more imaginatively and creatively this time around, or if that is a stretch for your own personal belief system, presumes that your “previous life” before you got more conscious around midlife, has set you up with enough wisdom to live more fully now than before. It also describes something you probably already know…the walls you have hit and careened off of (”not again!”) as you have attempted to grow in wisdom and grace.

The “secret” here is that the particular focus and practice of Evolutionary Astrology actually is about owning it all, claiming what is truly yours to be and to experience, and to guide and turn a challenging aspect in your “personal lesson plan” to higher ground. As the outstanding contemporary writer/astrological teacher and mentor, Steven Forrest, often says, “if an aspect in your chart is not working well, it WILL work poorly.” (and we have had enough of THAT! ). Bringing things to their highest ground through consciousness and choice “de-fangs the beast” as it were, and turns the difficult energy into an ally.

Evolutionary astrology is probably one of the most powerful of the “mysteries” available to us to live and love well in this, the one life we know for sure that is uniquely ours! (More to follow.)

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