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I am listening to two beautiful and powerful audio programs, THE POWER OF SLOW, by  Carl Honore and SABBATH by Wayne Muller (  Both of these programs address the frantic pace of this culture we live in that is addicted to speed, multi-tasking, busy-ness, consumerism and mindless pop culture. We are all in it, and many of us are exhausted and “moving forward” so fast, or spinning right where we are but “getting” nowhere truly satisfying . We often feel on automatic pilot having lost touch with our Center,  yet  longing to STOP,PAUSE, LISTEN, and REST  long enough to re-define  and savour what is true  and treasured in out lives.

I mention this in connection with DREAMS, having directed our monthly Dreams and Inner Healing  Retreat Day this past Sunday (a small and intimate group this time around) which incorporated  silence, a meditation by Celtic poet John’ODonohue, reflective sharing and personal updating, followed by an afternoon of  listening to and working on a dream of each participant. The day was slow, deep and transformational…a time apart from anything experienced during the ordinary work week. 

It required all of us to commit to taking this time away as a kind of Sabbath (on the Sabbath too!) for refreshment, renewal, prayer and pondering. It called upon us to to take seriously the communication that comes through our nightly dreams from our Deep and Authentic Self and the exquisite promptings of Soul and the Divine. Within this monthly Dream Circle,  as we deeply share these marvelous, intriguing, sometimes funny, sometimes un-nerving nightly stories that seem to write themselves on their own right  out of our psyches, we are amazed and delighted always, and always we are changed, transformed, guided into the next chapter of our lives that bring a new aliveness and authenticity.

It requires a commitment to yourself to pay attention to your dreams, whether or not you have a Circle or Spiritual Advisor with whom to work.  That commitment requires the awareness to implement the practice of SLOW when waking up in order to capture the dream, which WILL evaporate faster than the morning mists as you pop out of bed to get going, check your e-mail, listen to the morning news and enter the whirlwind pace of the dominant culture.

It is handy to have a notebook or an index card and pen next to your bed to at least jot down a few words that will act like anchors to ground the dream in your consciousness, and around which the dream will fill out later when you have a chance to be still. For those of you who have the luxury to emerge from sleep slowly and languidly, writing the dream while you are still emerging from the mists of the night will gift you with a treasure of immeasurable wisdom and guidance.

It must be noted however, that aside from living in a FAST culture and consciousness, that there are people who ARE  Dreamers, and there are people for whom the dream is not an ongoing part of their experience. The invitation is two-fold…if you ARE a Dreamer, do honour the dreams that come through you…they WANT to be captured and of service to you! If  you are a person who does not remember your dreams, but might like to…please know that many times dreams are not remembered because the Culture does not provide a space, a time or attention to them as a source of wisdom….often, just talking about dreams or reading a post on them, such as this, will invite your awareness to be alert to the possibility that a special Dream is just waiting and longing to pop through your consciousness to talk with you! 

Slow Down! Capture the Dreams of your Heart! Savour and live with Veriditas!    You will be blessed! Christine, greeningspirit

 **This Sunday, the ongoing all day Dreamcircle Retreat will be held at the Greening Spirit’s place from 11-4:30. Please bring your dream,written out in the present tense…and food to share for lunch! “Dreamer’s Tea” will be served, from the garden  (mugwort, scullcap,lemon balm and spearmint)**


On the Journey in a life that incorporates  wisdom gathered from both the Outer and the Inner Worlds,  paying attention to the inate guidance provided in the “Dreamtime” is one of the most valuable personal blessings which we may draw upon for direction in our lives.

The dominant everyday and materialistic culture we are presently living in,  is not known for drawing guidance from the depths of Soul, and is not particularly enamoured of the slow, or contemplative way of gathering information for wise direction and guidance. Being addicted to speed,  technology and the mass consciousness of consumerism, we are often pulled away from a unique, authentic, creative and spiritually vibrant life.

However, in other cultures, especially indigenous ones, the power of THE DREAM  was very much a part of the wisdom system, consciousness and CONSCIENCE of the people, guiding them and re-balancing them into a way of life that was good for all concerned ( the Community) , and therefore, for the individual. 

 In the stunning audio program Becoming an Oracle: Connecting to the Divine Source for Information and Healingby Shamanic teacher, Nicki Scully (check the audio programs on, there is an amazing guided meditation to Australia and the sacred “Dreaming Time” experiences of the Aboriginal peoples, who “go” where their dreams lead them, both physically and culturally. The Iroquois People (especially the Mohawk) of North America also had/have a strong reverence for the Dream as a powerful gift of the Creator to communicate with and guide the community into right and balanced living. 

As  part of my work,  I accompany/teach people in the practice of gathering and working with their nightly dreams through:

  • one-on-one spiritual direction/guidance sessions
  •  in our ongoing once-a-month all day Dream Circle  retreats  inviting in interested newcomers on ocassion  (we have been working together for over 16 years!)  
  • in periodic Dreams  and Inner Healing Workshops/Retreats  for training in the sacred skills of paying attention to, gathering , working with, and creatively manifesting the guidance of your dreams in your life and personal unfolding, through dreamtasks involving art, writing, creative pursuits and new behaviours. (check upcoming events schedule page)
  • In certain situations, when 4-6 interested people have expressed the desire to learn more in such a retreat, we also make it happen for you and a group of your comapnions who wish to learn together!

In the next week, there will  be several parts to The Power and Wisdom of your Dreams  post.  Please check back!

To contact me for more information/appoinments please e-mail me at with the header “Dreams!” Thank you, Christine, thegreeningspirit

(Please click on the “INSIGHT GUIDANCE SERVICES-click HERE first ” page and check ”Dreams and Inner Healing” under the Retreats and Workshops   page for more information.  Thank you!)


Faeries? Fairies? Fayries? A surprise in YOUR MAGIC GARDEN!!


   Well, in our workshop  “From Muggles to Mugwort: Your Magic Garden/the Wild Herbs and Weeds”,   everyone was interested in the medicinal properties of the wild plants in the garden and woods. However there was a lot of playful fascination with the idea that we can  communicate with the spirits of the plants if we are respectful, humble and sit, listening, with quiet and earnest hearts. 

Over the days following the workshop, we have kept in touch and there have been a number of little stories of “green magic” as the participants went home to their own gardens to find good medicine and plant allies on their land, bringing a sense of delight and childlike wonder to what used to be an  “ordinary” way of seeing things…from Muggles Mind to Mugwort Mind!

However, when I went to develop several pictures of our time together here I must admit I was more than a little surprised. “Jewelweed Julie” had come the evening before the workshop to help me clear the Teasel bed which was totally overgrown.  A fierce and knowleable detangler, she worked in the garden untiil past dark to make a path in that wilderness so we could get in there during the workshop to meet Teasel who we are investigating as an ally for those dealing with Lyme disease. It was a gentle foggy night, but not raining…I took 3 pictures of Miss Julie, one right after the other from different directions…this picture was the 2nd  one and when I printed out the photos,  were we shocked to see these little plant spirit orbs,  either emerging out of the green, and drifting off to the right  where they wouldn’t be disturbed further OR coming in from the right to hide out in the green for the night! We have examined these with magnifying glasses, and none of us are sure what we are seeing, but in the many years I have spent with other greeningspirit folk, I will say that I have ocassionally seen such mysterious little translucent images caught on film (probably not intentionally..they are shy)…and whether they are, or they aren’t…we usually give in to a sense of childlike imagination and play, and call them Fairies, or…Faeries….or  Fayries. What might you call them?    ; – )

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