**This Sunday, the ongoing all day Dreamcircle Retreat will be held at the Greening Spirit’s place from 11-4:30. Please bring your dream,written out in the present tense…and food to share for lunch! “Dreamer’s Tea” will be served, from the garden  (mugwort, scullcap,lemon balm and spearmint)**


On the Journey in a life that incorporates  wisdom gathered from both the Outer and the Inner Worlds,  paying attention to the inate guidance provided in the “Dreamtime” is one of the most valuable personal blessings which we may draw upon for direction in our lives.

The dominant everyday and materialistic culture we are presently living in,  is not known for drawing guidance from the depths of Soul, and is not particularly enamoured of the slow, or contemplative way of gathering information for wise direction and guidance. Being addicted to speed,  technology and the mass consciousness of consumerism, we are often pulled away from a unique, authentic, creative and spiritually vibrant life.

However, in other cultures, especially indigenous ones, the power of THE DREAM  was very much a part of the wisdom system, consciousness and CONSCIENCE of the people, guiding them and re-balancing them into a way of life that was good for all concerned ( the Community) , and therefore, for the individual. 

 In the stunning audio program Becoming an Oracle: Connecting to the Divine Source for Information and Healingby Shamanic teacher, Nicki Scully (check the audio programs on Soundstrue.com), there is an amazing guided meditation to Australia and the sacred “Dreaming Time” experiences of the Aboriginal peoples, who “go” where their dreams lead them, both physically and culturally. The Iroquois People (especially the Mohawk) of North America also had/have a strong reverence for the Dream as a powerful gift of the Creator to communicate with and guide the community into right and balanced living. 

As  part of my work,  I accompany/teach people in the practice of gathering and working with their nightly dreams through:

  • one-on-one spiritual direction/guidance sessions
  •  in our ongoing once-a-month all day Dream Circle  retreats  inviting in interested newcomers on ocassion  (we have been working together for over 16 years!)  
  • in periodic Dreams  and Inner Healing Workshops/Retreats  for training in the sacred skills of paying attention to, gathering , working with, and creatively manifesting the guidance of your dreams in your life and personal unfolding, through dreamtasks involving art, writing, creative pursuits and new behaviours. (check upcoming events schedule page)
  • In certain situations, when 4-6 interested people have expressed the desire to learn more in such a retreat, we also make it happen for you and a group of your comapnions who wish to learn together!

In the next week, there will  be several parts to The Power and Wisdom of your Dreams  post.  Please check back!

To contact me for more information/appoinments please e-mail me at cphoenixrising@earthlink.net with the header “Dreams!” Thank you, Christine, thegreeningspirit

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