***Sunday, July 12 3-5pm YOUR MAGIC  GARDEN: The Wild Weeds and Herbs (Session 2) will be held at the Greeningspirit’s place. The teachings for the day will be: Communicating with the Plant Spirits (an exercise…bring a folding chair and notebook), Imagination and Play in the Garden,  and Honoring the Path of SLOW “Good Medicine: The making of herbal teas and decoctions. Participants from Session 1 will hopefully share  their own Magic Garden experiences since the last meeting!  (Raindate: Monday  July 14   6:30-8:30 pm)***

Cost : $30 Pre-registration necessary. E-mail cphoenixrising@earthlink.net with the header “Your Magic Garden!” Leave a phone number please!

“GOOD MEDICINE” is Wellness Medicine!

Morning Tea! Nettles, Mugwor, Red Clover

Morning Tea! Nettles, Mugwort, Red Clover

In the ancient Chinese medical system using herbs and sometimes strange ingredients from nature, the job of the doctor was to keep the Emperor well and in good health, NOT to fix him after he got sick! In fact, it is said, perhaps anecedotedly, that if the Emperor became ill, the doctor lost his job, if not his head. If that were so in this culture, we might have more than a few doctors running around, shall we say,” mindless”  since there is an emphasis in our allopathic medical system on “Fixing” rather than preventing. However, to be totally fair, it must be said that a major  part of the responsibility for staying healthy is on each one of us to practice “Good Medicine” in our daily lives through proper diet (REAL food, and at regular peaceful intervals), exercise, a spiritual practice,  and knowledge and use of the natural “medicines and nourishments” from the plant allies around us.

One has to be careful in this culture with the word “medicine”  so let me be clear that what I primarilly mean by this word is what indigenous peoples mean by this word in it’s highest meaning. “Good Medicine” is that which keeps you Well and Healthy in the first place, and secondarilly that which nourishes and brings you back into balance when you have been stressed into illness. The herbal allies after all, have been the basis for medical pharmacopeias in all cultures across the centuries. According to the World Health Organization several years back, it was noted that 80%  of the world’s population still practices “Green Medicine” for the common maladies that are part of our lives as we flow back and forth between being balanced and unbalanced as part of the stresses and challenges and celebrations of human living.

At this time, I am one of many people, who due to the work and economic chaos we are in, have found myself for the first time without health insurance. It is therefore very necessary for me to practice “Good Medicine” to take care of myself in all the ways that will build me up to stay on my feet and engaged in life with vitality and vibrancy. For instance, recently after a bout of intestinal distress, my digestive system was very irritated and sensitive. Two days of an herbal tea of comfrey leaf, mugwort, skullcap, meadowsweet, and spearmint  soothed all discomfort and brought my system back into a normal state, without the use of over the counter medications which actually mask the symptoms but do not bring healing.

My own “Magic Garden”  full of the wild and cultivated herbal allies serve as both a nutritional and medicinal resource, as well as grounding me in my connection to both the spiritual, magical and natural world that has been gifted to us  by the Great Beneficense, God, the Great Spirit, Mother Earth. For me, both that spiritual and earthly connection is part of my personal Wellnes Program, keeping me grateful, full of imagination and wonder, and giving me hope always, knowing that I am participating in my own health care.  It is a form of self-empowerment that spills over to many areas of my Life and I am very grateful to be able to experience this personally and pass on that wisdom to others in my community.

***On Sunday, June 12, our little band of Greeningspirits will regroup here for Part 2 of Your Magic Garden: The Wild Plants and Herbs to empower themselves and their families. Studying together in this way delights us all as we make Community with the GreenSpirits in the garden, as well as the GreeningSpirits of our new friendships with each other…all part of “GOOD MEDICINE” for sure! (New friends are welcome). Veriditas! Christine