IMG_0869 This past weekend,  the ongoing monthly Dream Retreat at the Greeeningspirit’s Place brought an amazing group of women together to once again take “Time Apart” to share, process and glean deep wisdom from our dreams. Several of us have been dreaming together for almost 20 years!  However, in this month’s session,  there was a surprise…a rather different which we used a Pathworking Guided Meditation from Nicki Scully’s outstanding audio workshop  Becoming an Oracle , to access another stream of knowledge. In a deep state of relaxation, we were led into a communal “dream” and a journey to visit a tribe of indigenous aboriginal people in Australia,  in order to learn another way of,  and reason for,  working with  the stories that come through us in the night. We “accompanied” them on a walkabout and into their culture of “The Dreamtime”.

   In our culture, when we work in contemporary fashion with dreams, we tend to be very subjective  interpreting our dreams for personal transformation through the symbols, metaphors, and stories that unfold. We work with the dreams from either a psychological or spiritual approach, or a mixture of both , and hopefully use the wisdom that is gleaned to become better people, clarify and implement our Life’s path with grace, live in peace, discover our gifts, and deepen our relationships with others, with ourselves and with God. This is good. Very good.

   However, in our modern Western culture, which emphasizes ” individual individuation”, there is something left out in this approach to dreams. And that is, that there is also a component in the Dream that is meant for the Community, for the Culture, for the Peoples, or for the welfare of The Earth itself. This component is known to Indigenous Dreaming Peoples such as the Aboriginal people of Australia and many Native American tribes or shamanic cultures, in which a narcissistic expression of the Ego is an illness, not an achievement. (well, it is always an illness,  but in this culture that often forgets the reality of the Soul of Humanity,  such skewed expression is rampant and often devastatingly unrecognized).

   And so in our little circle of Dreamers, we , with closed eyes, went on guided Visualization journey to experience the way an aboriginal tribe would walkabout the land, dreaming, sharing and literally following where the dreams led them for the good of the people, whether that be for food, for education, for healing or for a new part of their human story. The destiny and welfare of the individual and of the tribe were interwoven. The dream stories and  the working of the dream in the outer life then was sung and became a “songline” which as it became longer and longer, was memorized and passed down so that future generations would know which way to go for survival and well being.

   The two specific questions  that were asked of us in that guided visualization were simple though profound:  What dream are YOU following?” and “What is YOUR  song?”  In the guided visualization, to the hypnotic music of an ancient didgeridoo, there was time to ponder these questions. And after the Pathworking process ended, we each took those two questions  outside to sit in the garden, under the trees, on the deck, or near the woods to discern this for ourselves.IMG_0868

Finally we returned to our circle, having connected with our indigenous Souls, to share what that meant to us individually and also culturally. It is important to know this, for it became clear that we have a great responsibilty. For WE are the ANCESTORS of TOMORROW. (As a wise native American teacher taught with a wry but profound comment  – “If we don’t change course SOON, we will surely end up we we’re headed…”

For myself, those two questions which were asked of me..of US.. in the Dreamtime Journey, mean thus:

What Dream are YOU following?” = Whose Life are you living? Is it coming from the Inside of YOU, or is it programmed  from the Outside Culture of Superficiality?  Is it worth it to you to know the difference? (write down your dreams and ponder them..the answers are there!)

What is  YOUR  Song?”  = What do you stand for?  What message do you bring in the way you live? Who will sing your song when you are gone?  (write down your dreams and ponder them, implement them. The answers are there!)

At the end of the Visualization,  when all gathered themselves back into the Circle,  it was encouraged and spoken simply: “Tell the  People Your Dreams”.

Which is why we gather each month for our all-day Dreamretreat. We realize that we want to live life to the fullest and from the highest vibration for ourselves and the good of all.  And quoting from this Journey, in Becoming and Oracle:



*Note: Sentences and questions in Bold print in this article are from Journey #15  in the program Becoming an Oracle by Nicki Scully /  audio workshops