• IMG_0869For those on a spiritual journey who are seeking guidance and support in deepening their personal connections to Spirit, by whatever name they experience it, the Mystery, The Divine

         *  For those who are in the process of finding their own Authentic Voice to name and claim their life’s experience.

         *  For those who are are seeking encouragement in the adventure of discovering their own inate creative potential and gifts.

         *  For those who wish to find new words and perspectives with which to examine and re-frame their life direction and Soul-path.

 For those who seek Wise, Ethical, Respectful Counsel, and Compassionate Dialogue, at a new Threshold/Passage.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: Working with your traditional spiritual roots, or questioning them in the process of seeking a new path . (It is good to make peace with your parents/heritage!)

 Creatiing new prayer forms and personal ritual appropriate to your maturing Soul’s Unfolding. May include scripture, poetry, literature, the arts and Dreamwork for Inspiration and personal prayer. Astrological profile information included. In person or by phone.  

1 hour:  $65-$85 sliding scale

Contact: Christine Phoenix-Green at:  anamcara131@hotmail.com   OR cphoenixrising@earthlink.net