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ADVENT- holy enclosure, gestation (Painting by Sulamith Wulfing)

Mary’s Time for Birthing the Divine Child Draws Near (artwork by Sulamith Wulfing)

Solstice/SOULstice Part 3- The Path of Sacred Mysteries



Two Sacred Mysteries: A Full Moon on the Darkest Night



It is a Holy Night. It is a night of especially Sacred Mystery. It is Solstice, Dec 21, 2010 , the official first day of Winter..thefrozen,fallow season in the Northern Hemisphere..and the night when the earth is tilted on its axis farthest away from the sun while rotating and whirling in its orbit without spinning off wildly into the even darker void.

 Last night, for several hours, there was a total Lunar eclipse coinciding with the Solstice, the timing of which has not happened since 1638, or 372 years ago, and which, if we were to check with an astrological historian, are triggering geological, social or cultural events today that are analogous to events either unleashed or bound up in under this same influence of heavenly bodies in 1638.

And to add to the power and mystery of this evening, we have a FULL moon shining brightly (after it was shrouded in dark red last night) on the darkest night of the year..another unusual occurence, which I sense is a metaphor, if not a sacred omen, of blessing that this shimmering full Moon… SHE who rises brightest tonight.. shines in the darkness  of the night-side of human cultures at war and unrest with grief and suffering, and offers us the gift of Hope and Healing.

There is an even deeper message and that may be that as this particular Solstice, which is about the Sun’s relationship with the Earth,  also has such an unusual and powerful presence of the Full Moon at this exact time, that we may be at a time when the  the Divine Feminine is making Herself fully present to us in this manner, as we go forth into the  new year when the old Patriarchal systems are breaking down all around us and around the planet. 

And so, this is the way of the Cosmos, the indigenous, the earth-centered or Pagan Path of Sacred Mystery on this Solstice/SOULstice night…when we look deeper into the symbols and metaphors of what the Dark, the Light, the cycles of the Seasons that are ever-faithful, the cold, the wind, the ice, the forces of Nature have to show us about our proper place in Creation..about our Creaturehood, our vulnerability, our humility, as well as our magnificence since we too are made of star-stuff, and the Flame of Life animates us while we are here. We are Sun, Star, Moon, Water, Flesh, Fire and Air. 

Tonight, I listen to the beautiful mystical music by Patrick Ball on his faery-like wire strung harp on the cd The Wood of Morois. Hauntingly beautiful, full of Mystery and Magic. And I light one red-candle in the midst of the Green to honour this special night of wonder…and remember my connections to the Cosmos as a daughter of Earth and Sky. (Scroll Down for closing picture)

 (Part 3-The Path of Sacred Mysteries for Navigating through the Dark times continues tomorrow)

Christine Phoenix-Green



Little Soulstice Bonfire



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