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Old man tree singing in the morning

I love this time of year when the trees are bare. I can see “into” their souls when they are “au naturelle”, without their leafy clothes. When I drive around, I see their shapes and stories. I repost this from a couple of years ago, because the deep-seeing gives us a window into what we do not ordinarily perceive. Have fun being truly present to the magic around us!

I do believe that there exists all around us a parallel world of spirit, energies and beings who are usually hidden from our human physical eyes, either because they just operate on another plane of existence, or because they wish to be hidden in order to go about their assigned business and purpose in our mutual and precious web of life, OR.. because we two-leggeds are just so immersed in our own dramas at a high rate of speed, that we do not see what and who is there around us all the time!

In any case, there are moments of sudden deep-seeing that can happen unexpectedly when we are slowed-down a little and the slant of light is just a bit different to allow a peek in-between the worlds. This deep-seeing requires but a momentary flash of child-like openness and imagination, which is the source of all fairy-tales, myths, “Make-Believes” ( oh, but are we sure about THAT?) and dreams.

So it was that one morning, while washing dishes at the kitchen sink I gazed briefly out of the window, my mind slowly pondering the schedule of the day, when there he was, the old man-in-the-tree singing to the sunrise,  greeting and welcoming in, the new morning. Or perhaps it was more important than that…perhaps it was his task to call in the morning through his song and had he failed to do that, it would have stayed dark forever!

It was a deep-rooted song (basso profundo I believe) and he was so into his morning salutation that he was not aware of my enthralled and delighted gaze. OR… maybe he was aware of me indeed and thought “ah, she is one who believes” and subtly but intentionally bent into the shaft of light that would render him visible to one who would do no harm and perhaps even add my voice to the morning salutation.

It was a gift under any circumstance and whether he lives and sings in the Outer World or in my Imagination it does not matter. The world of Myths and Dreams is REAL and so is “Make-Believe,”all of which is necessary for Manifestation, and in this process Creation flows back and forth between the two multi-layered Worlds unceasingly.

If still you are not sure of this, and yet are fans of Harry Potter ( “the whomping willow”), AVATAR (the sacred tree), Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings (remember the “ENTS” ?) then remember that they started as dreams in someone’s Imagination before they became the stories that we read, watch, and tell to remember in some fashion that the Web of Life is Magical and that there are many kinds of “us” who  live here.

So in the next week as you yourself walk or ride around in your life, gaze at the trees who have agreed to shed their clothes this season to reveal their stories and personalities to those who might be open to meeting them in a new way.

Maybe you will even hear them singing.

Christine Phoenix-Green (January 15, 2010)

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