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Drawing from the Field of Possibilities

   “Everyone is waiting for Eternity, and the shamans are saying ‘How about   tonight?’ ” ~ Albert Villoldo, PhD

Do you believe in Possibilities? Do you believe in Dreams and the ability we have as conscious humans to manifest those dreams into the realities and experiences in our lives?

For a number of years, I have been studying, practicing and teaching the principles of creating our personal experience of  reality no matter what is actually happening in our lives at any one time. There are many many teachers of these laws and principles of manifestation these days, offering metaphysical, spiritual or scientific perspectives. But really, the teachings are not new or new-age. They are old…ancient as a matter of fact… offered throughout the milleniums, but not always accepted or followed through as a practice to bring into our lives a way of being that is healthy, wealthy or wise.

It is taught that in order to bring a particular experience or set of circumstances, a specific desired material object, or a definitive solution to a problem into our lives,  we must be clear..very clear… in our minds and in advance, about what we desire or intend. It is taught that beyond our limited awareness, all shapes, colors, sizes, streams of light, objects, forms of creation, elements, situations, energies, POSSIBILITIES and SOLUTIONS are available to us in and from the quantuum Universe. Because of this,  anything and everything is available to us if we can imagine it,  focus on it within our minds, hold it in our intentions, express it through our attitudes and call it into our lives with the words we speak. Personally, I am enchanted with the word “magic”, but when the principles of manifestation -into- experience- and- reality are studied, magic and quantum physics are similar, if not the same. It is a Mystery that we cannot actually explain by logic, but that we know from experience.

I love watching and photographing these Great Mysteries expressed through Nature. The world of science, the world of the shaman, the world of storytellers and cosmologists, the world of the poets, artists and  mystics all have some manner of communion, understanding  and expression about the way Nature, the Universe, The Cosmos brings the most amazing creations, living and non-living, into being, into form,  into Manifestation.

Everything that manifests in the world of nature  draws from that vast field of Possibilities, and with the highest intent and focus, pulls together from the swirling vortex,  all that is necessary for a tree, an ocean, a bird, the winds, fire, color, movement,  to come into a form of reality that we can see, feel, smell, taste or interact with.

It is taught that we may do the same in our lives. Out of the limitless, infinite stream of colors,  shapes and energies swirling in the ALIVE Field of Possibilities,  what do YOU  intend to draw from it for yourself for a happier, healthier, more loving way of Life?

Dream a dream, hold it, SEE it in your mind, FOCUS on it being possible, and trust that the many threads of wild color and energy of the amazing Field of Possibilities will weave it together for you..!  If Nature can do can we!

Nov 8 2013  4

I belong to a community of photographers on FB who focus (literally) on pictures taken within our little New England state. Each week there is a different theme and we are out and about everywhere capturing the beauty or the visual stories of where we live. Right here. Right now. It is a very special and gifted group, with cameras large and small, tripods or steady hands, fancy lenses or single built- in lenses, and editing programs in our computers. We capture Beauty, shapes, scenes, angles, curves, colors, people, animals, events, costuming, memories and more. We are not competitive, but rather, amazingly enthusiastic, supportive, inspired and inspiring. We learn to see the world through many perspectives, and to see a theme, through many eyes and unique interpretations, celebrating and taking delight in diversity.

Because I am a writer as well, when I see an image that I am compelled to capture, as I am taking the photograph for what it is, I am deep-seeing what it means for me symbolically as well. When I photograph something, I am also writing about it in my mind. What it is beauty enough, but what it means to me as metaphor is even more powerful on a personal level and often becomes the inspiration for my writings on nature, or life, or soul-full living.

Like many creative artists, I often ride a financial roller-coaster supporting myself through work based on the creative, healing, or metaphysical arts. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. The themes of Abundance/Lack are always being worked with and adjusted through meditative practices, visualizations for blessings, reading inspiring books and practicing exercises for manifestation, and just plain prayer..(we try not to beg the Universe to answer..wrong energy 🙂 )

For me, one of the best ways to work with the theme/the prayer/the desire for the manifestation of “Abundance” is to photograph it! And in truth…it is the way of Nature, the way of the Earth, the way of the Universe in its sheer playful and awesome generosity of manifesting bounty. Everywhere we look…the infinite individual needles on a single pine tree, the impossible-to-count grains of sand on a beach, the millions, billions, TRILLIONS of drops of water in the ocean,the un-ending blades of grass in a yard, let alone everywhere, the awesome silk-carried seeds on a dandelion head..everywhere we look, we see wealth, treasure, opulence.

And let us not forget leaves, leaves, leaves…the sheer amount of them covering our lawns and “yardens” when they decide to let go of dancing in the wind and drop upon us, truly revealing the enormity of their numbers under our feet, eventually to be swept up for re-cycling by our rakes, the work and gathering seemingly endless when we are in the middle of that task. There is the other gift of leaves besides their numbers, reminding us of the Earth’s generosity and abundance, and that is their ability to transform themselves from green to unique, flaming brilliance of light and colors in their “old age”. They do not “leave” without letting go of the rules and required uniformity of Community, becoming who they truly were all long as the chlorophyll in their individual bodies drain away, their work in the greater community done for this year. They do not go quietly, insignificantly or shyly into the dark night, but rather, in flaming color, beauty and bounty while saying  goodbye.

May we open our eyes to the Beauty, the Blessings and the Abundance that surround us at every moment. May we choose to notice, capture and savor it.  May we always remember to say Thank You, as well…..

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