Enders Ruthanne Butterfly

The color ORANGE! Full of joy and positive energy…and a signature color of Autumn.  Pumpkins, flowers, leaves, dried fronds of ferns…orange is the token color of sociability, creativity and enthusiasm. A happy color, it is probably one of the reasons we take such delight in fall, even though we know we are headed into the next season of cold and dark.

I often visit a nearby retreat center with beautiful gardens and landscaping. This year, the dahlias have been exceptionally stunning, and this afternoon monarch butterflies were fluttering and dancing everywhere amongst the flowers…a rather rare sight since in the northeast, these butterflies are endangered having lost so much of the habitats of their flight paths paved over for civilization, parking lots and shopping malls. How appropriate their sanctuary at St. Edmund’s Retreat Center on the coast, with their stained-glass-like wings…

orangeOrange is also the color of laughter and compassion, as in the traditional robes of the Buddhist monks…   a color of prayer and centeredness.

Bring some ORANGE into your life, mindfully, and enjoy it’s radiant life-force and happiness!!




From Christine, The Greening Spirit

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