E Sept 10

Nature is very clear in how she assigns work to her beloved creatures. Beavers build dams, creating natural waterways in environments that sustain the life around its banks, wolves group themselves in dedicated family communities whose job is to cull weak and incapacitated herd animals insuring a healthy population that the land can sustain, squirrels busily bury acorns in late fall for future food but also to be the movers of oak trees further out into the environment insuring their continued survival.  What a glorious inter-connected web.

Bees have their assigned task as well, besides feeding and caring for the Queen and her baby bees. Daily they leave the nest commuting to work in beautiful fields of flowers, quite mobile and enjoying the change of scene full of color and fragrance within their workday, gathering golden nuggets of pollen to be transformed into the sweetness of honey. Yes, they work hard but they know what they are supposed to do according to their natural giftedness and talents, they labour in fields of Beauty, and the results of their labour is sweetness. They give Great Service to the larger Kin-dom of Creation, moving about the plants, fertilizing and cross-fertilizting herbs, vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs and all that sustains all of us from the greening world. Their lives have clear instructions, PURPOSE and MEANING in the work they do to sustain themselves and the community of Creation.

What about humans? When it comes to the work we do in the world, we do not always know, when we are born into the Community of Creation, what our actual work is supposed to be. As an astrologer, I can say that when looking at a person’s birth chart, there ARE indications for the kinds of work possibilities and preferences that may unfold for us, but in our mainstream culture for the most part, we do not use this tool as a source of inquiry, wisdom and guidance. For the most part, the work of many ..tho not all..evolves through decision-making based on possible or hope-for economic security and rewards, or to achieve and maintain a certain culturally-celebrated lifestyle fed to us from the outside world as the supposed doorway to happiness and fulfillment. So many of us unwittingly forced to take work just to survive in a materially-focused consumeristic culture filled with knick-knacks, the latest “updated” techno- toys and products pronounced to be “must-haves” for a satisfying life. (not).

Where are these jobs carried out? In fields of flowers? In private studios for art, music, dance, theater, home based-crafts for sale or small and personal businesses?  In beautiful environments personally expressive and in service of gathering the sweetness and honey that sustain personal and communal well-being, beauty, and healing?  Does our work and work environments inspire the creation of a kind of  wealth that uplifts and inspires rather than for the mere purpose after “survival”  of gathering “stuff”..the kind of stuff that really is devoid of Soul and authentic honey that sweetens and nourishes our lives?

I have compassion for so many of us in  our common humanity who must toil and labor in ugly, sterile or hostile work environments just to survive. Many of us have had to live that out periodically and situationally and many must live it out for for a lifetime, not of their own choosing. It doesn’t have to be drastic servitude either to kill the soul and drain the sweetness… day after day in small corporate cubicles in a which a daily job perk is the good fortune of a window (besides the hoped for benefits accrued for retirement if the job lasts that long)  is not necessarily a sweetness.

I have respect and deep fondness for those who have chosen …and had the opportunity through Destiny and support or personal choice and determination…to use their own innate gifts and talents for work that is Soulful, meaningful to them and of true benefit and inspiration to community. I celebrate taking the  RISK of laboring in fields of flowers of their chosen careers based on their true interest, to gather the pollen of possibilities out there in the gardens of life, making honey and living lives that include copious amounts of sweetness in their experiences. They work hard, but they know what they have to give and what they have to do, often without assured financial security.

In truth, some of these people are especially gifted, perhaps having been assigned a particular Destiny by the gods, and in following that they in turn have gifted us  and society with their honey. We call them Cultural Creatives,  a title that names them as unique thinkers and do-ers who in following an a-cultural path in the midst of popular culture, potentially and eventually re-install Soul into the  real meaning of how we Live, Labor and Love. Because their choice to live amongst the flowers and create beauty from inside themselves and from the garden of possibilities, they have enriched our lives immensely and  we need to recognize them when they appear, supporting their unique labors that bring the quality of authentic BEE-ing  and meaning into our lives personally and communally.

From Christine, The Greening Spirit

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