Night sky

It is a Holy Night. It is a night of especially Sacred Mystery. It is Solstice, Dec 21, 2014 , the official first day of Winter..the frozen fallow season in the Northern Hemisphere… and the night when the earth is tilted on its axis farthest away from the sun while rotating and whirling in its orbit without spinning off wildly into the even darker void.

And to add to the power and mystery of this evening, a new moon is emerging from its three days of hidden solitude and into the darkest night of the year at the same time, inviting us twice to ponder the eventual returning Light of both SUN and MOON and what they each symbolize for our lives. This unusual occurrence is a metaphor, if not a sacred omen,  portending the possibility of  the healing of darkness in people and cultures at war and unrest with grief and suffering,

There is an even deeper message with the emergent new moon on this night for the much needed Divine Feminine to make Herself fully present to us as we go forth into the new year when the old Patriarchal systems are breaking down all around us and around the planet, surrounding us with chaos and confusion.


SolsticeThe Divine Fire/Sun of the sacred masculine gifts of fertility and guardianship merging with the Divine Lunar Feminine gifts of Nurturing and 1510562_613984021984137_1944865603_nProtection is more possible ….and necessary at this time of history. His-story plus Her-story = Our-story.




And so, now is a feast of the Cosmos,  and of the indigenous earth-centered or Pagan Path of Sacred Mystery on this Solstice/SOULstice night. THIS holy time calls us to look deeper into the symbols and metaphors of what the Dark, the Light, the ever-faithful; seasonal cycles , the cold, the wind, the ice,  and the  powerful forces of Nature have to teach us about our proper place in Creation. This night is about our Creaturehood, our vulnerability, our humility, as well as our magnificence since we too are made of star-stuff and the Flame of Life that animates us while we are here. We are Sun, Star, Moon, Water, Flesh, Fire and Air. 

Tonight, it is good to step outside into the cold and dark and gaze up into the sky, listening to the silent sleeping of nature, and the winds moving through the bare branches. It is then time to go back inside and light a candle, symbolic of fire’s power to bring us warmth, joy, passion, and Life.

Solstice/SOULstice…and many blessings upon us all!

From Christine, The Greening Spirit

christine_phoenix_green ** Note: Artwork credits: unknown