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Christmas! A Child is Born! The Light is Renewed! Gaudete!

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One of the Great Mysteries is the hidden but ever-present spark of Life that resides within the heart of the seed lying deep in the cold soil of Winter. ..the sacred Spark that bursts into the Fire of Life when the birthing…the greening…time is right for outward manifestation.

The Great Mystery for many in this Season of Darkness is the story of the Christ Child …the Light…born of most humble beginning on the earth plane but with a Fire of Destiny that will change much of the consciousness of the world with new teachings of peace, of love, of integrity, of hope, and compassion.

Those of us who are parents, grandparents and relatives know of the great excitement in a family around the birth of a child! ..So tiny, so tender, so vulnerable , so full of new surprises and possibilities. And often so healing, bringing family members who perhaps had fallen away from each other together once again to gather around the manger of “home” to gaze together with wonder on this little gift from heaven, the new divine child, who may bring news for us in our busy, forgetting lives.

What a wonder-full way that God chose to present Divinity to us here on Earth..filled with humility, humanity and a most tender beginning.


(artwork by Sulamith Wulfing)

From Christine, The Greening Spirit