Tree cry

“Tree Spirits 2015” Yes, I am one of those people (and small children) who see faces in the trees, the rocks and boulders, the plants. Directly outside my kitchen window and across the yard at the edge of the wood, this tree in the center looks back at me daily. Several years ago, I noticed that he was grimacing in discomfort if not pain…at least that is what I saw in his “face” etched in the wood every time I looked his way. That summer, I noticed that there were dead limbs, leafless way up at the tips of his branches and I wondered if I was seeing something about the state of health…true to my intuition as several years have gone by, he and a whole line of his tree brethren all along the border of the wood, and past the neighbors border as well have become ill and died out. When I look out each day, I still see his communication of passing…perhaps an illness way down in the roots connecting to all his kin. All passings make me sad…..and it makes me sad to think there was pain in this process for him and the rest of these trees….

A memoir from Christine


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