River Run                                                Credits: All photos by Christine Phoenix Green

This past spring, while out on a walk on the bike path that cuts through our little town and swings around the back of the buildings, a friend and I suddenly became aware of the roar of rushing water as we approached the usually silent little river that goes under the road and eventually and probably out to sea.

NOT that day! Spring melt after a snowy winter had swollen the waterways and the waters rushed and tumbled over the boulders and rocks like a miniature Niagara Falls. LOUDLY and furiously rushing towards ocean waters, it was no longer a stream for dipping your toes in. It looked wild and it looked dangerous.Alewife Run 3

There were many curious bystanders along the banks of the river and leaning over the railings of the bridge across the waters. But IN and over the waters there were people of generous and heroic action. It was the yearly alewives run, when the little silver fish come in from the big waters to swim upriver to their breeding grounds. For new life,for the dream..for the next generation to continue. But to get there, they must have a focus and a target and they must go against the current, a most arduous journey. If the river is gentle and flows freely without too many obstacles in the path, the fish can get there in record time. But many times it is not an easy journey, with more than one uphill battle as they attempt to fulfill their destiny, alewife style. They can get tired, they can turn around and go back , they could die…OR…..or they can attempt to jump the hurdle. Some can. Many can’t.

Humans are so surprising in their gift of and capability for compassion and support of each other and  the world around them. During these several days of the alewive run, graduate students and their professors from the Marine Fisheries Department at the University came to the river to assist in the urgent and difficult journey of these tiny fish to get where their destiny lay…UP! and OVER! the rapids.Alewife Run 2 Standing in swift, deep and rushing waters on slippery rocks is dangerous and requires balance and clear thinking and a team of companions who can watch out for each other’s safety as well as that of the fish.

But then there was  the one who was the most courageous of all, literally going out on a limb..requiring the  most steady balance and focus of all…that young (athletic) woman seated on a thin wooden rail right over the raging falls, long-handled net dipping into and out of the water, scooping up whole communities of wiggling determined fishlings, and swinging it over her shoulder to the other side of the falls  where they were shaken free to rush towards wherever nature’s compelling urge for new life was pulling them.River Run It was difficult work and amazing to watch that young lady up to the task, tirelessly and gently but firmly tossing that net back over herself over and over and over again.

In a way, watching the whole team working together was like watching a symphony of compassion, courage and grace, all against the passionate music of raging water. WE CAN’T DO IT ALONE!

LIFE! a courageous endeavor  ..moving through it towards our Destiny, not to mention just getting through our days sometimes staying hopeful, staying on task, staying ALIVE till we get “there (whatever out “There”  is for each of us that makes us whole and a unique and creative part of the Community). Sometimes we rescue, and sometimes we are rescued. Both take Risk, require going out on a limb or swimming upstream when what we have to do goes against the tide of cultural myths of what has value or meaning.

We ask and pray for the COURAGE to face the challenges and boulders in our paths, we ask that the path and the flow take us where we need to go, we give blessings and thanks for those who lovingly assist us in our efforts and trials and cheer for our succeses,  and we generously give back when we can, to keep all in nature and in ourselves in harmony and balance.

May it be so.

Alewives and the Great Journey

Alewives and the Great Journey

******As I wrote this essay the music of composer Jarrod Radnich inspired me on…headphones on, this Carol written in very creative and HEROIC style, helped me tell this story of a task filled with courage, generosity and strength.  Please click and use this music when you need to be brave yourself and reach for a big goal…(or even a smaller one that’s still difficult) YOU CAN GET OVER THE FALLS! YOU REALLY CAN!  ***  Headphones or good speakers are necessary to use this music as therapy or serious support.


From Christine, the Greening Spirit


Jarrod R 2I always listen to particular selections of music when writing, for inspiration. This post was inspired by the music of  the gifted  Cultural Creative/composer,/piano virtuoso/symphonic conductor and music educator  Jarrod Radnich and this heroic arrangement of Game of Thrones..  Jarrod composes music for film as well so I hope if he knew, he wouldn’t mind my imaginatively using this song and its courageus sound as inspiration for writing about the Big Run of the Alewives…

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