October Witchy Willow

One of my great passions as The Greening Spirit, is photography and the magic that can be created through the editing technology that is now available in our computer programs. There  is, in the community of photographers, some small debate at times as to whether one should leave a photograph alone to stand on its own merits and the gifted eye of the photographer, or instead enhance the photograph through cropping, framing, blurring, working with light, shadow and color through editing programs to create a desired effect.

For myself, I tend towards the freer and more playful practice of editing my photographs to express something at a later time in essay or written form. It is an old saying that “a picture speaks a thousand words” and although my photographer’s eye, never un-assisted by my camera, is forever and endlessly seeing wonders everywhere, there is usually within a larger scene compelling me to “stop and snap!”,  some singular image that evokes a whole story, message or teaching worthy of pondering and eventual literary expression.  It is the need to capture and highlight that central image through creative editing that makes it come alive for me… and the actual source of those enhancements, deeper than the technology that implements them, draw their inspiration from the creative sparks of the Imagination, thoughtful discernment and good taste of the photographic “artist”, and depths of Soul.

Witchy Willow                                                                                                                                                       It is curious that many old libraries are home to magnificent old trees as well as old and treasured books under and into which we may take leave of the mundane world and magically “disappear”  for refreshment, inspiration and just plain “time out”. To disappear under a long-limbed and leafy tree or into the pages of a book and a fantastic story, especially a so-called “fantasy” one,  are indeed  magical experiences.

Go through the  solid back wall of an old wardrobe in a hidden room and spilling out into Narnia, sliding down a rabbit-hole and landing in “Wonderland, slipping into your “avatar” and through dream traveling arrive in Pandora, and walking through a wall at Platform 9 and 3/4 ending up at Hogwarts are all highly imaginative doorways through and to the usually hidden worlds of Soul, the home of light and darkness, choas and creativity, woundedness, vulnerability, healing and courage, art, music and all manner or archetypes, muses, Daemons and guides available to us for our adventures on the Imagination’s  surprise-filled paths and roads.

Our little local library here, though not ancient (but the township is) is home to a most interesting weeping willow tree overlooking the small parking lot. As with most weeping willows, long thick and thin wooden tendrils of branch twist their way in a downward sweep from a central sturdy trunk which is unseen. When fully clothed in leafy attire, no entrance to the base of that tree is visible, except “Under” it. Of course if in the middle of the Harry Potter series, one never does forget in Book One,  the impact of the “Whomping Willow” that thrashes any interloper daring to come close, insuring its independence, privacy and displaying its most contrary overly defensive/offensive nature. But not all weeping willows are cranky.

We love this old tree at the library, twisted and a little mysterious, and to my eye and imagination, exceedingly magical as well. Although it sometimes receives a little haircut, or curtain- cut as a caretaker’s trimming clips its trailing vine-like tendrils when reaching the ground, still it is full of private, hidden mystery,  for it is not possible to see the heart of the tree..just the spell of its thick green curtain that blocks entry to its heart of secrets.

My Witchy Willow has a magic power of Blue-ish green and depth of shadow, informing me that there are stories, poems, visions, inspiration, safety, and soulful inspiration beyond the veil of protection, and close to the heartwood, if one knows the right password to slip under and within and find them as treasures. Yet the word “Witchy” always has an edge to it…possibly dark and foreboding, the lure of the as-yet unknown requiring a spirit of adventure and courage…but also a sense of magic and possibilities available to us yet often unrecognized and un-claimed as we busy ourselves out in the parking lots and on the roads, rather than seeking guidance under the tree.

I love the Witchy Willow and although my mundane eyes see a more “normal” tree when I pull into the library these days, I know of a secret more hidden expression of that old tree that only reveals itself to those who see with other eyes.

As it is said in the “Witchy World”…”It takes one to know one”.  (WINK)

**** Originally published 12/5/2013