WINTSPRING! Cooler/Warmer

WINTSPRING! Cooler/Warmer

It’s APRIL! Finally! ..and waking up here in New England to snow falling heavily and now fierce winds that are kicking into high gear, gusts at 50-60 miles per hour. The sun was gone, came and shone brightly for an hour or so, and now with treetops whipping around up there in the sky, everything has once again gone gray with snow coming in sideways. Temperature 38 degrees (real feel 31) but patches of blue in the heavens can be seen through the woods if you look hopefully in that ascending direction.

In the past week or so here in Rhode Island, our Governor made a big boo-boo with a new promotional state logo that said “cooler-warmer” surrounding a blue, white, orange and red image that was supposed to entice potential visitors, tourists and the rest of us to be here and enjoy what the state has to offer. It cost millions of dollars to put that little logo together.

It was a terrible FAIL. Protesting, petitions, kvetching on outraged social media finally got it pulled, and a new one will be coming out in a kind of contest with more appropriate submissions representing our state’s glories by artists who actually LIVE here.

But this morning, I had to laugh when I looked out watching the snow falling in the winds and saw this burst of yellow against the house amidst the white of everything else. There it was… Rhode Island’s “Cooler and Warmer”…yup we DO offer that but I’m not sure it’s a selling point. However I came up with a new name for this unique experience to be savored in this the littlest state of the Union: WINTSPRING! (I’m not sure that’s a selling point either, especially for local residents now returning from their lush two and three months in Florida!)

Forsythia and Snow on the same page.

Forsythia Snow Two (2)

From Christine, the Greening Spirit


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