Mooncircle Five

The new moon of each month is a powerful time of new beginnings. And what I mean by new moon is the dark moon… or no visible moon.. for three consecutive nights. Those nights, like planting seeds in dark soil, or the time when a caterpillar dissolves in the unlit chrysalis, are the magic unseen dark times of powerful  dreaming, planning and silent transformation.

For a number of years, on or around the dark moon of each month, a small group of lovely “Lunas,” met at my home to do dark moon soulwork together. Each month, the new moon/dark moon is in a new astrological sign focused  on particular areas of life that we might attend and give energy to. We studied the themes of each astrological sign of the month, answered journaling questions relevant to the theme and correlations in our lives and shared our thoughts and stories about them, gleaning deep wisdom and inspiration from each other.


Each woman then received a large black posterboard circle..a personal dark moon. Bags of magazines spread out on the floor, we browsed, cut and pasted images and dreams onto our dark moon mandala. It was a process done in total silence, with soft meditation music in the backround matching the imagery of the astrological sign.

Mooncircle two

At the end of our quiet creating time, always with pleas of “wait! I’m not done yet!”..we spread our mandalas on the floor for all to see, sharing our process and personal revelations, inviting other insights on each piece. All mandalas put together with clipped pictures, glitter, stickers and glue ended up a masterpiece…and a continued deeper bonding between the “Lunas” as we are called, each dark moon mandala a dream image…SoulWork…


This essay is one of several that will follow on creating your own Dark Moon Circle and sharing of several mandalas and the stories that go with them on my own life’s journey. Stay tuned!


From Christine, the Greening Spirit