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It has been such a LOOOOONG winter here in the Northeast. Not so much because of snow, because we have not had much of it, but because of the cold, the dark, the fierce and frigid winds, and especially the winter of our discontent in this country right now. The winter of cold relentless political darkness and upheaval that pummels our once taken -for-granted sense that surely Spring will return to the spirit of our people and things will be okay has shaken many of us to the core.

Well for me, a sense of mystery and magic is always a cure for my spirit when I am down, but for sure it disappears if one becomes glued to headlines, computer or tv indoors. A WALK in nature is primary in restoring the power of imagination to make that connection to possibilities only  momentarily hidden in the mists, or even better… into the other world of Soul and Sanctuary..

This one day, as the mists descended from the sky, enveloping and softening all the harshness… the ethereal clouds  of the Heavens coming down to blanket the earth… I longed to step not only through them, but INTO them to enter that mysterious place “between the worlds” where what is normally hidden from our eyes might offer new hope and possibilities for how to negotiate the challenges on “this” side of things. Maybe in that mysterious place, Faeries, Devas, ANGELS reside too, waiting to be called into service for Guidance when there does not seem to be enough wisdom in the culture to fix what needs to be healed.

Well, the truth is, I DO live on THIS side of things where the work of saving the world for the good of all needs more concrete actions. But I am convinced that the best of ideas and inspirations may be revealed when we walk in Nature and especially into the Mists when they arrive….

From Christine, the Greening Spirit

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