It’s okay to be sad right now. Writing/journaling it can help. Here, some thoughts from my greeningspirit blog written in 2018 but especially relevant now. Today. Hope it helps. (Find a pen and a journal and write your experience) I have not followed through as I intended but will start once again, today, tho I post regularly on FB.

The Greening Spirit

I have made a commitment to write a daily essay here besides personal journaling for myself. I write because a Writer must write or we don’t feel well. This is because the words of truth as we experience it, having been born from the powerful  Womb of deep silence, if closeted,  become too heavy or filled with energy to not allow them passage into the world.  Hopefully on ordinary days, sharing those words will touch others in some way with inspiration, comfort or solidarity.

But today I cannot easily find the words to comfort or inspire either you or me. The Writer’s womb is too dark with grief. It is another day in the dissolution of America when we grieve another of the now endless experience of mass shootings and the blatantly corrupt and passive present “leadership” that does nothing but  speak empty words of “thoughts and prayers”, while blocking…

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