Tree 15

There has been a festival of color underfoot on my front lawn as I walk across it to my car or to pick up the mail.  The Japanese maple, home to hundreds, maybe even thousands of tiny leaves, has released them each for their one solo flight, back to the earth. They are dressed gayly for the occasion, not in mourning but for the resting place and the next phase of transformation after summer’s greening work on the tree, now completed.

They are so small and perfect in their pointed edges, some quite tiny and oh so happy in splendid hues of yellow, gold, red, orange and cream. They are also so vulnerable too at this time of surrender and for the oddest reason, as I walk though, over or around them, I am filled with love and tenderness at their now fragile and fleeting beauty…I feel such compassion for them…I feel like their Mother.

Some come in with me for little altars and the warmth of candlight in my home. IMG_8623They are with me at the piano while I teach so I can see them and offer them sanctuary near the music and near friendly people who, like me, think them adorable and a wonder…like we used to feel about the babies in our lives. Such tenderness.

Little Leaves, we love you…..


From Christine, The Greening Spirit





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