Bamboo Forest


It is a tradition in our family to take a walk in nature together when they come back to visit on the holidays. Sometimes by the sea, often in the woods of oak, beech or birch on winding trails with fallen logs and lichen covered boulders along the sides of the path, we  being refreshed and inspired by the wildness of the earth.

This time we visited a local compound of unusual shops that has always been a strange and unique place here tucked away on a small side road in our little New England coastal community. Oddly called “The Umbrella Factory” it is reminiscent of the funky artsy shoppes and culture of the hippy 60’s with an amazing garden and garden center, falling down barns, wandering peacocks, ducks and guinea hens, fenced-in pens with sheep, and  large rumbling ostrich-like birds.

The vegetation, though cared-for and apparently tended, still has a witchy-wild draping of massive tangled vines and strange plants that radiate an energy of mischief and …well….the unexpected as if unseen forces are watching US!

In the back of the property is a huge stand of bamboo…so thick, deep and wide  that it is indeed a forest…and a path has been cut through it now which is too tempting to NOT walk into and through the growth to see where it leads and eventually ends up.


It is dark in there. And the canopy so thick that there is no sky, but rather an enormously high vault of  bamboo poles and green leafy ceiling.  Indeed it feels as if one has entered into a mysterious cave with no way out but THROUGH or going back the way you came in. There are a number of false paths on the sides that lead nowhere so following the straight cleared path ahead is wise.

Bamboo is a whole other kind of plant… hard, hollow, and segmented,  it has an ancient and prehistoric feel to it by touch and sight.. I can almost imagine dinosaurs crushing their way through such a forest. Even though it absolutely tempts one to cut a stalk down and make a flute for music, it voluntarily makes the music of percussion on its own in heavy wind, or clacking if one walks through the woods hitting the large pillars with a stick while moving through. It is, in its segmented growth, a perhaps very distant relative (at least in  ancient spirit) to the tiny segmented horsetail plant that grows low to the ground and which we love to pull apart gently and obsessively, separating each level of growth.

(Above: Horsetail)

The Bamboo Plant has captured my imagination!

Tonight I prepare dinner and in taking out my green-to-eat IMG_8864 - Copyvegetable…asparagus…I  think also that this plant seems very ancient as well and looks like a little bamboo too, tho I hardly imagine making a flute out of it!


The Bamboo Forest here in New England at the Umbrella Factory is a very strange forest and a nearby adventure to enchant (or unsettle) children and adults with fairy-tale imaginations…a different kind of woods walk for sure!

My son-in-law finds his way back out to where we entered:


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