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IMG_0695 (4).jpg Frost on Glass

The Art of Deep-Seeing is the practice of slowing down, paying attention and being present to the Miracles and Magic that surround us all the time, every day, every place, no matter where we are.

To some, the Art of Deep Seeing comes naturally.This is especially true if one’s personal pace and daily schedule offers the opportunity to not just “look” as we dash through on our way to somewhere else,  but rather to stop and allow things to surprise us. When that happens these seemingly ordinary “things” capture our attention with their beauty, their patterns and colors, and especially their metaphors..that is, what they simply are and  what they suggest to us symbolically.

The morning I captured this picture, or rather…it captured me…. was one on which a sudden sharp dark-night frost unexpectedly coated the windows of my car, the blades of dried grass and the glass jars I had washed and set out on the deck to drain and dry. Yes, in the early morning,  I had to scrape the windows of the car, scatter ice-melt on the front steps and mourn a potted rosemary plant that had taken the sudden freeze to heart, and sadly died.

But then I noticed a slant of cold early morning light beaming through the bushes and across the railing of the deck…and in all crystalline brilliance and color, was a feather-thin pattern and sparkle of ice on those glass jars.  Looking closely at them, I could see the icy crystals in a pattern of radiating stars as if  the frost had captured and imprinted the night sky full of twinkling bodies of light upon the surface of the glass.

The magic of camera went one step beyond the naked eye, and the editing program of cropping and color went several steps beyond the camera. And what do we see once again but the ingenuity, the beauty, the creativity, the mirroring of stars and sky upon earth and in water:  crystals, gems, snowflakes, stars, the sparkle of mischief, humor , intelligence  and LIGHT in the eyes of humans and all creatures on earth. Wealth and abundance of spirit everywhere. .and a multitude of Possibilities!  Is it actually possible to count each individual ice crystal upon that small patch of glass, let alone all the individual ice crystals of that morning?

Rev. Matthew Fox, author of “Original Blessing” often says “Where there is Awe, there is prayer”. (Awe as in “oh wow! Look at THAT!”)

I guess this was a morning prayer.

Move slowly, and with Presence. Be surprised when what was hidden because you looked but didn’t see, suddenly reveals itself to you in your rare moment of stillness.

It’s always about Magic.

Christine, The Greening Spirit

Drawing from the Field of Possibilities

   “Everyone is waiting for Eternity, and the shamans are saying ‘How about   tonight?’ ” ~ Albert Villoldo, PhD

Do you believe in Possibilities? Do you believe in Dreams and the ability we have as conscious humans to manifest those dreams into the realities and experiences in our lives?

For a number of years, I have been studying, practicing and teaching the principles of creating our personal experience of  reality no matter what is actually happening in our lives at any one time. There are many many teachers of these laws and principles of manifestation these days, offering metaphysical, spiritual or scientific perspectives. But really, the teachings are not new or new-age. They are old…ancient as a matter of fact… offered throughout the milleniums, but not always accepted or followed through as a practice to bring into our lives a way of being that is healthy, wealthy or wise.

It is taught that in order to bring a particular experience or set of circumstances, a specific desired material object, or a definitive solution to a problem into our lives,  we must be clear..very clear… in our minds and in advance, about what we desire or intend. It is taught that beyond our limited awareness, all shapes, colors, sizes, streams of light, objects, forms of creation, elements, situations, energies, POSSIBILITIES and SOLUTIONS are available to us in and from the quantuum Universe. Because of this,  anything and everything is available to us if we can imagine it,  focus on it within our minds, hold it in our intentions, express it through our attitudes and call it into our lives with the words we speak. Personally, I am enchanted with the word “magic”, but when the principles of manifestation -into- experience- and- reality are studied, magic and quantum physics are similar, if not the same. It is a Mystery that we cannot actually explain by logic, but that we know from experience.

I love watching and photographing these Great Mysteries expressed through Nature. The world of science, the world of the shaman, the world of storytellers and cosmologists, the world of the poets, artists and  mystics all have some manner of communion, understanding  and expression about the way Nature, the Universe, The Cosmos brings the most amazing creations, living and non-living, into being, into form,  into Manifestation.

Everything that manifests in the world of nature  draws from that vast field of Possibilities, and with the highest intent and focus, pulls together from the swirling vortex,  all that is necessary for a tree, an ocean, a bird, the winds, fire, color, movement,  to come into a form of reality that we can see, feel, smell, taste or interact with.

It is taught that we may do the same in our lives. Out of the limitless, infinite stream of colors,  shapes and energies swirling in the ALIVE Field of Possibilities,  what do YOU  intend to draw from it for yourself for a happier, healthier, more loving way of Life?

Dream a dream, hold it, SEE it in your mind, FOCUS on it being possible, and trust that the many threads of wild color and energy of the amazing Field of Possibilities will weave it together for you..!  If Nature can do it..so can we!

   INSIGHT Spiritual and Oracular Guidance Services  are one-on-one personal discernment sessions….(in person, or by phone)……

 •For those on a spiritual journey who are seeking guidance and support in deepening their personal connections to Spirit, by whatever name they experience it, the Mystery, The Divine.

•For those who are in the process of finding their own Authentic Voice to name and claim their life’s experience.

•For those who are are seeking encouragement in the adventure of discovering their own inate creative potential and gifts.

•For those who wish to find new words and perspectives with which to examine and re-frame their life direction and Soul-path.

 •For those who seek Wise, Ethical, Respectful Counsel, and Compassionate Dialogue, at a new Threshold/Passage.

****There are a variety of approaches to this process, listed below:

 INSIGHT Spiritual and Oracular Guidance Sessions  employ a variety of perspectives that are like “Doorways” into the depths of the Psyche. Wisdom may be accessed through a variety of guidance modalities that speak to a particular language or worldview of each person. Therefore when one is looking for a session with an “Anam Cara” (the Celtic word for “Soul Friend), you are encouraged to choose one of these Wisdom “Doorways” as a focus and base from which we will work together for your unfolding. Christine (The Greening Spirit) offers these “Doorways” to the INSIGHT Guidance process:

*1  Archetypal/Evolutionary ASTROLOGY YOUR BIRTH CHART is your own personal LIFE LESSON PLAN  guiding you to live out your  highest evolutionary potential! A reading will assist you and your  deeper questions about your Life’s meaning, purposes and transitions ..(click on Astrology page for post and description)  Taped in person, or by phone, must take personal notes   1.5 hour:  $160 -$145 sliding scale

*2  INSIGHT Intuitive Guidance Session with Oracle cards ( a highly inter-active process)- this intensive and engaging processwill guide you in exploring the day’s deepest questions of your heart in an interactive process using guided meditation and two unique decks of oracle cards.  In this 60-90 minute session, a 3-phase process unlocks your story, with a card picking YOU, followed by an interactive dialogue, and concludes with an Intuitive Guidance reading by me with the second deck of oracle cards, leaving you with new thoughts and perspectives and a direction for your peace and unfolding. (A “prescriptive”, not “predictive”, process!).    Intensive .                        In Person only.  1 hour: $85-$65 sliding scale


*3  SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: Working with your traditional spiritual roots, or questioning them in the process of seeking a new path . (It is good to make peace with youparents/heritage! )Creatiing new prayer forms and personal ritual appropriate to your maturing Soul’s Unfolding.  May include scripture, poetry, literature, the arts and Dreamwork for Inspiration and personal prayer. Astrological data may also be referred to.                                                                                                                                          

1 hour:  $80-$65  sliding scale

*4  DREAMS, Archetypes and Dreamtasking-working with your dreams,(especially repetitive ones) and their message for your life.       1 hour :  sliding scale  $80-$65

*5  TAROT “Light” (shorter readings and dialogue…) click on Tarot page for full description 30 min-$45, 50 min -$80

Please click on the Page Menu to the left to learn more about each of these choices for Personal Insight Guidance services,contact and scheduling.

Christine may be reached at cphoenixrising@earthlink.net   or  anamcara131@hotmail.com

**** ALSO:  “MUSIC FOR THE MOSTLY MATURE: PIANO INSTRUCTION  for the new, or returning adult student/ music lover!   A  master teacher with over 30 years ongoing experience with ages from  6 to almost 90,  now accepting new students. Focus on pleasure! WE HAVE FUN!!      $25/half hour lesson   (accepting some children also depending on openings)

see music website: http://c_phoenixrising.home.mindspring.com    for teaching  style and description/testimonials/newspaper article  


  • IMG_0869For those on a spiritual journey who are seeking guidance and support in deepening their personal connections to Spirit, by whatever name they experience it, the Mystery, The Divine

         *  For those who are in the process of finding their own Authentic Voice to name and claim their life’s experience.

         *  For those who are are seeking encouragement in the adventure of discovering their own inate creative potential and gifts.

         *  For those who wish to find new words and perspectives with which to examine and re-frame their life direction and Soul-path.

 For those who seek Wise, Ethical, Respectful Counsel, and Compassionate Dialogue, at a new Threshold/Passage.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: Working with your traditional spiritual roots, or questioning them in the process of seeking a new path . (It is good to make peace with your parents/heritage!)

 Creatiing new prayer forms and personal ritual appropriate to your maturing Soul’s Unfolding. May include scripture, poetry, literature, the arts and Dreamwork for Inspiration and personal prayer. Astrological profile information included. In person or by phone.  

1 hour:  $65-$85 sliding scale

Contact: Christine Phoenix-Green at:  anamcara131@hotmail.com   OR cphoenixrising@earthlink.net

  IMG_0869 This past weekend,  the ongoing monthly Dream Retreat at the Greeeningspirit’s Place brought an amazing group of women together to once again take “Time Apart” to share, process and glean deep wisdom from our dreams. Several of us have been dreaming together for almost 20 years!  However, in this month’s session,  there was a surprise…a rather different format..in which we used a Pathworking Guided Meditation from Nicki Scully’s outstanding audio workshop  Becoming an Oracle , to access another stream of knowledge. In a deep state of relaxation, we were led into a communal “dream” and a journey to visit a tribe of indigenous aboriginal people in Australia,  in order to learn another way of,  and reason for,  working with  the stories that come through us in the night. We “accompanied” them on a walkabout and into their culture of “The Dreamtime”.

   In our culture, when we work in contemporary fashion with dreams, we tend to be very subjective  interpreting our dreams for personal transformation through the symbols, metaphors, and stories that unfold. We work with the dreams from either a psychological or spiritual approach, or a mixture of both , and hopefully use the wisdom that is gleaned to become better people, clarify and implement our Life’s path with grace, live in peace, discover our gifts, and deepen our relationships with others, with ourselves and with God. This is good. Very good.

   However, in our modern Western culture, which emphasizes ” individual individuation”, there is something left out in this approach to dreams. And that is, that there is also a component in the Dream that is meant for the Community, for the Culture, for the Peoples, or for the welfare of The Earth itself. This component is known to Indigenous Dreaming Peoples such as the Aboriginal people of Australia and many Native American tribes or shamanic cultures, in which a narcissistic expression of the Ego is an illness, not an achievement. (well, it is always an illness,  but in this culture that often forgets the reality of the Soul of Humanity,  such skewed expression is rampant and often devastatingly unrecognized).

   And so in our little circle of Dreamers, we , with closed eyes, went on guided Visualization journey to experience the way an aboriginal tribe would walkabout the land, dreaming, sharing and literally following where the dreams led them for the good of the people, whether that be for food, for education, for healing or for a new part of their human story. The destiny and welfare of the individual and of the tribe were interwoven. The dream stories and  the working of the dream in the outer life then was sung and became a “songline” which as it became longer and longer, was memorized and passed down so that future generations would know which way to go for survival and well being.

   The two specific questions  that were asked of us in that guided visualization were simple though profound:  What dream are YOU following?” and “What is YOUR  song?”  In the guided visualization, to the hypnotic music of an ancient didgeridoo, there was time to ponder these questions. And after the Pathworking process ended, we each took those two questions  outside to sit in the garden, under the trees, on the deck, or near the woods to discern this for ourselves.IMG_0868

Finally we returned to our circle, having connected with our indigenous Souls, to share what that meant to us individually and also culturally. It is important to know this, for it became clear that we have a great responsibilty. For WE are the ANCESTORS of TOMORROW. (As a wise native American teacher taught with a wry but profound comment  – “If we don’t change course SOON, we will surely end up we we’re headed…”

For myself, those two questions which were asked of me..of US.. in the Dreamtime Journey, mean thus:

What Dream are YOU following?” = Whose Life are you living? Is it coming from the Inside of YOU, or is it programmed  from the Outside Culture of Superficiality?  Is it worth it to you to know the difference? (write down your dreams and ponder them..the answers are there!)

What is  YOUR  Song?”  = What do you stand for?  What message do you bring in the way you live? Who will sing your song when you are gone?  (write down your dreams and ponder them, implement them. The answers are there!)

At the end of the Visualization,  when all gathered themselves back into the Circle,  it was encouraged and spoken simply: “Tell the  People Your Dreams”.

Which is why we gather each month for our all-day Dreamretreat. We realize that we want to live life to the fullest and from the highest vibration for ourselves and the good of all.  And quoting from this Journey, in Becoming and Oracle:



*Note: Sentences and questions in Bold print in this article are from Journey #15  in the program Becoming an Oracle by Nicki Scully /www.soundstrue.com  audio workshops




The Dance of the Femine Face of GodA week ago at the Greening Spirit’s Home, we had an evening convocation of spirited women coming together in another one of our sacred Circles to learn and share community, wisdom and inspiration. The purpose of this gathering was to view the newly- released documentary of the visionary artist, Meinrad Criaghead. Formerly a contemplative Benedictine nun for 14 years, she is now a shining Elder who lives simply in a small home and studio in New Mexico, by the Rio Grande, with her canine companion,  opening her heart and space to small groups of women coming in on occasion for communal retreat and contemplative renewal.

Meinrad was not just your ordinary contemplative  Catholic nun living in a monastery. While participating fully in the Christian practices and life of Catholic teachings,  her primary workplace within that community was in the art studio, creating wild and passionate paintings expressing her private inner relationship with God the Mother.

Since the paintings were recognized in the art world as something quite extraordinary and were selling to those who understood and appreciated what they saw, and because monasteries must support themselves independently (jams, cordials, greeting cards, fruitcakes etc) the Order’s practical monastic financial  saavy left Meinrad alone to produce darkly beautiful images of the Divine Feminine….and so starkly and passionately that I am sure in another age, she may have been burned at the stake for heresy!

Before watching the movie, and with a huge bowl of sweet and salty Kettle Corn on our table altar for sensual treats, we went around the circle so that each woman could introduce herself and share her original spiritual backround, and where she was now on her spiritual path and present naming of God. There was eagerness  in each women to speak about this, and eagerness and intensity in each of the women to listen deeply to the experiences revealed, without judgement, without challenge, and with the greatest hospitality and reverence. No one seemed to have to fill a desire to make a point, take a stand, but rather to Learn and Listen, Question and Share.

The stories each woman shared about their former religious paths were deeply engaging, amusing, comforting and shocking. Three of us had grown up Catholic and had loved the sensuous beauty of Catholic liturgy…the lovely music, the candles, the incense, the artwork , the gorgeous and inspiring setting and architechtural design of Church and stained-glass windows as well as the ritual of the Mass and “Time Apart-ness”  in the silence of catherdral or chapel  Yet now, all of us,  past the age of 50, have moved away from full participation, if at all, in  the traditional parish church and the patriarchal language, teaching  and practices that have silenced women’s voices and ignored the sacred passages inherent in a women’s life cycle…which  are very dramatic if we start to name what those passages are, biologically, spiritually and psychologically. The naming of God remained more problematic..If God were not inherently MALE, then is God FEMALE ?  Do we say “Goddess” instead, which for some is just as problematic as “God”. The consensus for our naming was that one woman said yes, for her the image of God remained Male out of familiarity, tho now in question. The two others said God is “Mystery/Spirit” and the renaming is now in process. One of us is moving towards the image of the Feminine Face God as in  the Great Mother, or She-Who-Is.

One woman was raised,  and is still active in, the Episcopal church, in which she has experienced the freedom to think more for oneself  than in the Catholic Church, and in which both gay persons and women may be ordained as priests, and even elevated to Bishop.  For her, God is “Spirit” at this time, male imagery gone….but not necessarilly feminine either.

One lovely and deeply spiritual woman was raised a natural “pagan”…no push in her family to go to any church, but a family with strong ethics and ties to home, family, fields and land by the sea, which became Church for her as she played, prayed and listened to nature and the natural flow of one season into another…everything sacred and filled with mystery and delight. To her, Everything is wondrous and Holy. And God is NOT masculine. Not even close.

And finally, one woman’s experiences of being raised in a Greek Orthodox Church drew gasps of surprise and grief. In her story, the most patriarchal of all, women were not allowed to receive communion during their monthly cycle  and after birthing, being seen as “unclean”. A rigid doctrine and body of religious rules forced her of her own volition and will, to flee all such indoctrination, which was so strong that upon leaving she “became” an atheist for a period of time…a leap necessary for her to claim her own authenticity, starting from scratch, and listen deeply within to what the poet Rilke described as ..”that Homesickness for what we cannot name”…, which can only be filled by some sort of personal connection to Mystery/Source,/God -of-your-own Naming.  Now presently finding a spiritual home within the Unitarian Community,  she expressed that our little Circle that evening felt like the finding   a gentle comfort addressing  a corner of  “that Homesickness that we cannot name”:  the candle on our altar, the incense in the air, the deep sharing of our stories in the VOICES and EXPERIENCES of Women seeking the Sacred, which are powerful and transformational forms of personal Sacred Scripture holding deep wisdom individually and for each other. Even gratitude too,  for the experience to dialogue with others over the concept of “God”.

The documentary of the Life of Meinrad Craighead was deeply moving, inspirational, emotional. Afterwards we shared about those stark,sometimes dark, always strange and beautiful images from her visions and paintings of the Divine Mother, The Feminine Face of God. At evening’s end, there were huge hugs, new connections, exchanges of phone numbers, and an enormous energy of gratitude, homecoming and blessing….

This was another form of “Church”.  In exploring the Feminine Face of God, we left with no Answers, but with many many new Questions…which as Rilke also said,   (…it is not as  important to have answers as it is to)…”Live the Questions…”

Through this evening, in Circle , with its  reverential and soul-sharing stories of the Feminine EXPERIENCE of the Sacred…God became Bigger.    

Yes, SHE did.

*Note: “Dancing Goddess on Fence” by Artist David Hickey, now living in Peterborough, Canada

I am listening to two beautiful and powerful audio programs, THE POWER OF SLOW, by  Carl Honore and SABBATH by Wayne Muller (www.soundstrue.com).  Both of these programs address the frantic pace of this culture we live in that is addicted to speed, multi-tasking, busy-ness, consumerism and mindless pop culture. We are all in it, and many of us are exhausted and “moving forward” so fast, or spinning right where we are but “getting” nowhere truly satisfying . We often feel on automatic pilot having lost touch with our Center,  yet  longing to STOP,PAUSE, LISTEN, and REST  long enough to re-define  and savour what is true  and treasured in out lives.

I mention this in connection with DREAMS, having directed our monthly Dreams and Inner Healing  Retreat Day this past Sunday (a small and intimate group this time around) which incorporated  silence, a meditation by Celtic poet John’ODonohue, reflective sharing and personal updating, followed by an afternoon of  listening to and working on a dream of each participant. The day was slow, deep and transformational…a time apart from anything experienced during the ordinary work week. 

It required all of us to commit to taking this time away as a kind of Sabbath (on the Sabbath too!) for refreshment, renewal, prayer and pondering. It called upon us to to take seriously the communication that comes through our nightly dreams from our Deep and Authentic Self and the exquisite promptings of Soul and the Divine. Within this monthly Dream Circle,  as we deeply share these marvelous, intriguing, sometimes funny, sometimes un-nerving nightly stories that seem to write themselves on their own right  out of our psyches, we are amazed and delighted always, and always we are changed, transformed, guided into the next chapter of our lives that bring a new aliveness and authenticity.

It requires a commitment to yourself to pay attention to your dreams, whether or not you have a Circle or Spiritual Advisor with whom to work.  That commitment requires the awareness to implement the practice of SLOW when waking up in order to capture the dream, which WILL evaporate faster than the morning mists as you pop out of bed to get going, check your e-mail, listen to the morning news and enter the whirlwind pace of the dominant culture.

It is handy to have a notebook or an index card and pen next to your bed to at least jot down a few words that will act like anchors to ground the dream in your consciousness, and around which the dream will fill out later when you have a chance to be still. For those of you who have the luxury to emerge from sleep slowly and languidly, writing the dream while you are still emerging from the mists of the night will gift you with a treasure of immeasurable wisdom and guidance.

It must be noted however, that aside from living in a FAST culture and consciousness, that there are people who ARE  Dreamers, and there are people for whom the dream is not an ongoing part of their experience. The invitation is two-fold…if you ARE a Dreamer, do honour the dreams that come through you…they WANT to be captured and of service to you! If  you are a person who does not remember your dreams, but might like to…please know that many times dreams are not remembered because the Culture does not provide a space, a time or attention to them as a source of wisdom….often, just talking about dreams or reading a post on them, such as this, will invite your awareness to be alert to the possibility that a special Dream is just waiting and longing to pop through your consciousness to talk with you! 

Slow Down! Capture the Dreams of your Heart! Savour and live with Veriditas!    You will be blessed! Christine, greeningspirit

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