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I had been away from my Greening Spirit Blog  for quite some time during a year or two of intense inner change and necessary re-evaluation about how to gracefully change course, life direction and purpose.

During this time apart and for several years previously, my familiar path and way of being in the world of work as a music/piano teacher for over 30 years had shifted. The popular culture of technology as “amusement”, and  cultural economic uncertainties have moved people (adults and children) away from making the investment, financially or time wise, for the study of art and music with the fervor and interest of previous years.

A kind of real life crisis in the way of “challenge/opportunity” had made my daily experience of work and the security and peace of mind that steady work provides, confusing, and somewhat disorientating…rather like being in a corn maze in which we cannot easily find the right and sure path leading us to the Center of things where there are goodies to enjoy, or a platform to climb allowing a view of where we have come from and where we may be going.  In other words, experiencing the corn maze was an experiential metaphor for the challenge to clarity and sense of direction as well as an invitation to enter the unknown in search of a treasure and then returning to our origins, but renewed and with a new focus.

How to earn a living in a new way when the old way no longer works  (especially for those of us who have always been self-employed or creators of our personal livelihood ) can suddenly seem like a maze of confusion about which way to proceed, where to turn, which path to take. Questions like “how did I get in here?”, and ” how do I now find my way to the new?” are the first two questions requiring inner work, honing a sense of  discernment and direction in finding the right path to our Heart’s desire in the center of uncertainty,  and claiming it in the Greening Spirit way. That is to say, surrendering to an organic sense of knowing that we are ever evolving through many cycles and seasons of our life in which there are natural times for letting go of what no longer works, and natural times for being open to what new seedling in us is waiting to sprout.

A secret then, when in the Corn Maze, is to open our eyes and KEEP MOVING, allowing the Center to draw us closer to the place of Heart where we can see the overview. Linger there for a bit and then get back on the path of return. If we got in, we can surely, with patience and discernment, find the proper continuing Path that will spill us back out into the World with a new and fresh perspective, new gifts to offer, new work and purpose. (this is a repost, editied, from 2012)

From Christine, The Greening Spirit


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11-11-11 Speaking of Mysteries

Leap Towards Your Dreams!


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For quite a while individuals and groups of people have been fascinated with the line-up of these numbers..a triple 11.. and since it only occurs once every several  hundreds of years, assigning this date (and the times today of 11:11 am and 11:11 pm) with possibly numinous powers. This affirms my belief that people in ordinary lives are longing for a sense of Mystery and ways to celebrate the awesome powers of something much bigger and grander than what we experience on a day to day basis in a mundane, routine state of consciousnes.

Much of what I have read in the explanations by LightWorkers have left me puzzled with the esoteric language that almost seems undecipherable. But what I have come to sense in plain language is that the attention given to these numbers today has been quite different than the attention given to dates and DOOM in the past.

What seems different here is the magnetic pulling of diverse peoples together to celebrate a fortuitous turn toward what is new and happy and unifying, instead of cowering in fear or selling all your possessions and home to leave the earth on the hour to a better place!  Indeed with enough global attention, ritual, celebration and communications today..11-11-11 just might signify a momentous time of a change in human consciousness. How exciting!

I think globally so many of us know or feel “the end times” refer to perhaps an end to unquestioned “unconsciousness” and we have had enough of violence, unbridled consumerism, greed and political and religious fundamentalisms..this 11-11-11 has the focus on “the new times”.

In astrology, the 11th house is the “place” of the Future, not the past, and rules hopes, dreams, wishes of the Community,  the dreams of the Visionaries for progressive socially-conscious change and equalities. Using our imaginations (and Visionaries have awesome imaginations!) we can perhaps use this energy to Dream a new future…the seeds of which are indeed already here in the hearts of so many. Let’s pool together to make “the hundreth monkey” or the Tipping Point! (“revolution”-which is usually angry preceeds “evolution” which is cause for joyful celebration btw)

May you find a small, medium or Gigantic change of consciousness today in some aspect of your familiar and deliciously blessed Lives!

JUMP across some chasm in your own personal story to a new Freedom!

Blessings and Love, Christine (the Greening Spirit)

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